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The 5 Major Questions

What have we learned about virtual events in 2020?

As with anything else in the world, you grow with each experience you encounter – and virtual events are no different. It’s been an honor to help some amazing non-profit organizations continue to pursue mission and generate crucial funds during this extraordinary year. What we’ve learned is a game-changer. And we’re excited to share with you how success can be achieved.

What are the keys to generating strong financial results from a virtual event?

We’ve executed a wide range of virtual events shared with a vast array of audiences – from new prospective supporters to major donors who have been giving for decades. During this virtual experience, we will provide insights on how to achieve maximum ROI before, during and after your event.

Have virtual events run their course or are they here to stay?

We truly believe the new virtual environment is creating enormous potential for non-profit organizations not only right now, but into the future. We’ve proven you can engage with donors in a compelling way at a cost that any ministry can afford. It’s a new frontier and we’ll discuss how leaders can attack these emerging opportunities.

How can organizations strategically leverage this new widely-accepted virtual world moving forward?

With the right mindset, significant positives are born out of challenging times – even a global pandemic. Now more than ever, people are more accessible and willing to connect. Virtual opens up a new “world of possible.” Let us equip you with strategies to guide your organization in developing a plan for 2021 and beyond.

Should virtual events totally replace in-person major donor destination events?

We firmly believe that nothing can replace the relationship-building impact of true human connection via face-to-face interaction. However, due to the success we’ve seen in 2020, we are equally convinced that incredible opportunity awaits those who embrace a strategy where in-person events and virtual events complement each other. We’ll share how these donor touch-points can work together.

What We Offer

Premier has been a leader in creating and producing highly-successful virtual events from the outset of the COVID pandemic. Known for our management of first-class live events for over 25 years, we quickly developed an innovative virtual platform, branded as “The BreakThrough,” to lead the strategy, development and execution of live-streamed events. The results have been extraordinary. Premier-led events have generated astounding ROI’s for organizations of all sizes. Several of the virtual events have raised seven-figure financial commitments.

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